Charron on Rusty

Charron on RustySpring is here and our local trail scene is more exciting than ever. Over the past 10 years Vernon Trails has been instrumental in advocating for, designing, building and maintaining over 50 miles of shared use trails on over 6 different properties. The trail crew continued to stay busy this “off season” making plans and forming operational friendships with plenty of folks that want to see more trail getting built this year. This season the trail crew has been given the opportunity to build several new pieces of trail on some existing properties plus a brand new one.

Hubbard Hills, the popular network within Viroqua city limits, is about to expand with the acquisition of additional acreage. We will be bringing back our friend Mike Charron of Driftless Trails, Inc to do some machine work and additionally we will be building some more beginner trail for the community.

Sidie Hollow County Park has been recognized as a “destination trail” over the past 10 years, and will continue to be built upon this year. We will be creating a new trailhead for day use users and start in on a new piece of trail that could add up to 2 miles and become an immediate favorite.

As this update is being written, the newest project is under construction. After years of negotiation and planning, Vernon Trails is breaking ground on yet another property, Jersey Valley County Park. Again we have teamed up with professional trail builder Mike Charron of Driftless Trails, Inc to start what will be a multi-year project. The plan for this year: to start building sustainable re-routes of some of the existing pieces of trail. Additionally, we plan on building more Beginner/Intermediate trail for all trail users to enjoy.

Lastly, and certainly most notably, Vernon Trails teamed up with Organic Valley in the “off season” and created a fantastic working relationship. Organic Valley has been our county’s largest employer and is looking to continue to expand their work and attract more employees. Recognizing the need for continued recreational opportunities, Organic Valley became our Anchor Sponsor by donating significant funding towards our projects for the next 5 years. As an organization that has worked on a very limited budget and with nothing but volunteer laborers, we are very fortunate and appreciative to be able to work with our friends at OV and look forward to a busy upcoming trail building season.