Jersey Valley

Jersey Valley

The above map may be incomplete as we continue to add more trails. And, while the trails link to a mountain biking site, the map and descriptions provided are helpful for all trail users, wheel-powered or not.

Trail Info

Location:  3 miles north of Westby on County Road X
Description: Jersey Valley County Park is a 370-acre tract of land including a 56-acre lake that was formed as part of a flood control dam on Peaceful Valley Stream. After years of progress at Sidie Hollow County Park, Vernon Trails, Vernon County Parks, and the Wisconsin DNR entered into an agreement to design, develop and maintain similar shared-use, natural surface trails at Jersey Valley. The plan is to create sustainable reroutes of existing trouble areas as well as develop new, additional mileage starting in the spring of 2014.  Jersey Valley’s trails are perfect for hiking, trail running, snowshoeing, nordic skiing, and mountain biking.
Trails: Currently 3.1 miles around Jersey Valley Lake
Key Features: Scenic lake loop and native wildflower prairie.
Future Goals: VT Trail Crew’s primary focus in coming years will be to create safe and sustainable reroutes of trouble areas on the existing trail system. Upon completion of this work, the Trail Crew will work on creating new pieces of trail throughout the park and eventually work to create a connector trail through the park to Living Waters Bible Camp to provide safer, non-motorized access to the park.
Park Amenities: Swimming beach, boat launch, handicap accessible fishing dock, picnic area, shelter, and restrooms. More park info here.
Park/Trail Hours: 4 am – 11 pm
Trail Stewards: Diane C. & Bob C.

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