Rusty Ridge

Rusty Ridge

The above map may be incomplete as we continue to add more trails. And, while the trails link to a mountain biking site, the map and descriptions provided are helpful for all trail users, wheel-powered or not.

Trail Info

Location: 1/2 mile southwest of Viroqua on E Sidie Hollow Rd.
History: In the Spring of 2013 the VT Trail Crew started working on property belonging to Scott Champion and Sarah Meyer.
Description: Rusty Ridge adjoins Hubbard Hills.
Trails: .8 miles and counting
Key Features: 
Future Goals: To continue working with adjacent land owners to gain access to lands and develop a much larger system that ultimately connects to Sidie Hollow County Park.
Nearby Amenities: Biking & walking distance to Viroqua
Trail Hours/restrictions:
Trail Stewards: Pete T.

Trail Conditions

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Here’s what’s happening at Rusty Ridge (and next door at Hubbard Hills)

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