Jersey Valley
Autumn is in the air and the trails are riding incredibly well right now. This is the time of year when the understory starts falling back, the bugs go away, the dirt turns faster, and the Trail Crew comes out to build. Some of you woods lovers may have noticed the beautiful piece of trail work that has been done out at Jersey Valley by now and some of you may have just heard about the buzz. Here’s the update.

With a very generous financial contribution from our friends at Organic Valley, Vernon Trails was able to finally break ground at Jersey Valley. This summer we contracted Mike Charron of Driftless Trails Contracting to have he and his crew start working on Phase 1 of the master plan. The team machine cut and finished about a half mile of trail that will be much more sustainable than the existing route that falls steeply down the hillside and ends at the busy picnic/bathroom/beach area. They will be back this Fall to finish the segment. We are very excited about this signature piece of “shared use” trail and will continue to work at the park for the next couple of years.
For more info on this project and how you can help to create more recreational opportunities in this beautiful landscape contact Vernon Trails at or call Pete at (608) 637-6993