Veteran Hills Winter Fat Bike Trail

Have you been out on the fat bike trail this winter?

The Veteran Hills Winter Fat Bike Trail is a super fun, twisty, flow-y groomed fat bike trail on the south end of town behind the Viroqua VFW. A mixture of terrain including wooded glens, open prairie and dense thicket. There’s even a rock outcropping B-Line to test your fat skills. The Vernon Trails volunteers have been keeping up on grooming like never before and it

Remember, the groomed trail is for fat bikes only. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • 3.8″ tires or wider
  • Tire pressure of less than 10psi
  • Stay off trail when it is soft and you are sinking in
  • No dogs on the Fat Bike Trail
  • There are a few areas where the trail intersects a hiking trail, and also an area of shared use trail. Bikers YIELD to everyone else.

** The Veteran Hills Winter Fat Bike Trail is 100% built, funded, maintained and groomed by volunteers at Vernon Trails. **


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