Vernon Trails Needs Your Help


Calling ALL “Shared Use” Trail Users in Vernon County.

Over the past several months, Vernon Trails has been working closely with Vernon County Parks to create a new piece of shared use trail on the eastern bluff at Sidie Hollow County Park. Four public meetings were held to discuss this project dating back to October of 2021.

The project was APPROVED and the FUNDING WAS RAISED by Vernon Trails. This project is being 100% paid for by Vernon Trails and is on Public Land. Vernon Trails contracted a professional trail builder to begin the project and currently has them housed in Viroqua. At a recent public gathering that was intended to simply be informative, a singular user group raised concerns about this already approved project, explaining that hunting should be allowed on the entire property, but that all other user groups should remain on half of the County Park. This concerned user group reached out to their County Board Representative and voiced their disapproval. This has currently led to a potential halt on the project. Vernon Trails is strongly encouraging ALL Vernon County residents to contact their respective County Board Supervisor (contact info found here) and Will Beitlich, Vernon County Land and Water Conservation Committee Chairperson (608) 483-2664 and share their enthusiasm about this new shared use trail to be built at Sidie Hollow County Park and their willingness to share this beautiful public property. Also, feel free to share your overall appreciation for all the shared use trails that have been created at Sidie Hollow.

It is absolutely critical that this happens TODAY. 

Thank you so much for your time and we appreciate our continued partnership in all things outdoor recreation.

Pete Taylor

Volunteer Board President 

Vernon Trails, Inc  


This can be used as talking points OR an email template that can be sent to representatives mentioned with an attached signature and address.


Dear Vernon County Supervisors,

I want to enthusiastically express my support of the new Shared-Use trail that was set to be built at Sidie Hollow by Vernon Trails. I understand that Vernon Trails is 100% responsible for the cost associated with the new trail. I also understand that Vernon Trails is dedicated to working to find collaboration, so that all user groups can benefit from this new trail. 

Public lands are meant to be shared not divided.

As a Vernon County Resident, I am in full support of this new Multi – use/Shared use trail at Sidie Hollow County Park. It is also important to note, that I am appreciative of all the trails that have been created, maintained, and donated to the county by Vernon Trails.

Thank you for your time and consideration.