As many of you know by now, Veteran Hills (Viroqua VFW) has been groomed a number of times and is open for fun.
This morning a couple of important signs were placed back up where we like to have them every year letting people know a couple of simple but very important details.
Essentially here’s some things we love for people to know-
The VFW GROOMED TRAIL is for fat biking only.
Fat bikes are bicycles that have 4 inch wide tires or wider.
Vernon Trails and its crew of volunteers formed a relationship with the VFW board of directors over a decade ago to gain access to their beautiful private property for our community enjoyment. This is the only trail in the county that Vernon Trails is responsible for funding, building, and maintaining that puts restriction on other bicycles. There are over 20 miles of additional trail that VT has created or gained access to that allow all bicycles.
We simply ask that this 20 inch ribbon of trail is used by 4″ wide tires or wider. No hiking, snow shoeing, skiing, dog walking or other size tires are permitted.
We also have a small group of volunteers who go and groom in the evening time after the sun sets and ask that people stay off the trail when they see the large orange cone and the sign at the entranced explaining this.
We are always so very pleased to see how much respect this local cycling community has for our resourcesĀ and our volunteers.


Thank you again and as always, please consider going into the VFW and thanking them while refueling there.