Frenchy Hubbard Hills

Wednesday, our good friend Mike Charron came over with his Ditch Witch 755 and helped us out with the trouble piece of trail at Hubbard Hills. We spent the first 45 minutes working on a total reroute that will be fantastic when complete. Then He started removing sod and benching in the new trail. In one hours time, Mike and his machine did the equivalent of 100+ man hours. While berming out the first corner he through a track. So…to be continued. We will get out and clean up the work that was done when the rains stop and will have the entire piece completed by PertNear 20 time.

“Before” of a boring piece of trail.

Hubbard Hills trail


Frenchy firing up the machine.



Benching with the bucket.

Frenchy benching


Some of the backslope is more than 20 inches tall.

Frenchy Hubbard Hills


Not quite the “After” but getting close.

Hubbard Hills after