SAVE THE DATE: Dairy Roubaix 2023

Dairy Roubaix 2023
Saturday, April 22nd 2023
It’s back on. Same great venue as last year, only with more routes, more miles (and one route with a bit less miles for those early spring legs), more camping, more cabins and even more fun.

Timber Harvest on Sidie Hollow East Bluff

Attention Sidie Hollow Recreation Lovers-

Vernon County has begun a timber harvest on the eastern bluff at Sidie Hollow County Park. This affects the newest piece of trail that was designed, funded and created by Vernon Trails- “Yonder”.
For the safety of all visitors, we ask to respect the trail closure until April.
Vernon Trails has been working in cooperation with Vernon County to produce an incredible resource for our region as well as what has become well recognized as a destination trail network.
Very important to note that this closure is just on the Eastern mountain. And this is a brand new piece of trail that was completed last October just moments before closing for the season for hunting. Everything on the Western mountain is still available to enjoy.
So go enjoy it and thanks for your continued support.