Unleash the Beast – Veteran Hills

May 31, 2015
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Veteran Hills Disc Golf Course



Hole 16 is such a monster it frightens Chuck Norris.

Hole 16 is such a monster, Godzilla looks like the GEICO gecko when he plays it.

Hole 16 is such a monster, every photo taken of it is blurry.

If you’ve conquered the existing 12 holes at Veteran Hills, you’re ready to level up. These holes have¬†prepared you for Hole 16 – The Beast. Join us on May 31st to unleash this monster of a hole from the fiery grips of honeysuckle. Much of the hole has already been cleared. We’ll be finishing it up and getting the basket in. We’ll also be finishing holes 14 & 15 (which are tamer, beautiful holes). At the end of the day, Veteran Hills will be up to 15 holes! This will be a very rewarding day.

Please bring gloves and wear appropriate beast-unleashing garb. We’ll provide the weapons (tools), food, & drinks. Any amount of time you can contribute is a huge help and much appreciated.

Unleash the Beast

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