Community Challenge!!

As this friendly challenge gets written, all of you trail-lovers are likely tingling with excitement over your opportunity to pull on your work gloves and head out to Sidie Hollow County Park this Saturday for SidieFest. If you’ve helped in the past, you know how rewarding and important this community trail work day is. If you’re new to the party, we’re all excited for you to come into the fold. 

This year, I’m throwing out a CHALLENGE to the entire community.     Perhaps you know about VTAC (Vernon Trails Area Composite). This is our local NICA Team (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) and we are 30+ riders strong with 15+ coaches. We ride at Sidie two times a week, we race on weekends (currently, we are ranked 10th in the State as a team), and we LOVE TRAIL WORK. Since VTAC formed 5 years ago, no group has logged more trail work in a calendar year. So…

Consider this a CHALLENGE. VTAC will be out dominating at a race this weekend in Eau Claire. Currently the team is approaching 100 hours of trail work so far this year and has more outings planned. I challenge the rest of the community to try to log more hours of trail work this Saturday than this group of 6th-11th graders and their coaches. We have enough projects planned for SidieFest to never run out of need for volunteers. We will log all of the hours on Saturday and will crown a champ. 

You love the trails? You love helping making amazing things amazing-er?    You up for the challenge?

Click HERE to learn more about SidieFest 2021