2019 Dairy Roubaix Update

Hello 2019 Dairy Roubaix Registered Riders,

This is a friendly note that we like to send out requesting that the time has come for you to really look hard at the calendar, your fitness or your star chart and decide if you are still going to bring your game to the 2019 Dairy Roubaix on April 20th. If it has not crossed your brain yet, let us be the first to mention that this year’s great ride is sharing some weekend space with Easter. So you may want to call grandma and see if she is expecting you to come over and eat ham or look for colorful eggs. We have 125 eager and willing riders perched on a waiting list hopeful of participating. We completely understand if something has come up and you are no longer able to attend, but pretty please, speak up now so we can let others fill your spot. Last year over 200 riders signed up in January and did not show. We want to see 750+ riders pedaling out of (and ideally back into) Wyalusing State Park on a beautiful Saturday in April this year. 

We would like to hear back from you ONLY IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND by March 20th. 

If you are unable to attend, please contact us at-

bluedogcycles@gmail.com or message us at Dairy Roubaix Facebook

We have received many inquiries about whether or not folks are in fact registered for the awesomeness. Here’s the link for you to check.

Registered Rider List

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