More Hubbard Hills Updates

Frenchy came back with his Ditch Witch on Wednesday and we completed stage 1 of the new reroute at Hubbard Hills and it’s AWESOME!

Nearly 1000 feet of new trail was benchcut and some of the final shaping was started. This machine work was done in 8 hours total and saved our crew over 350 hours worth of hand work. There is still plenty of handwork finishing that needs to happen, but the trail is very usable. We will be having regular trail work outings to get this project completed and other work done as well.

One last note about machine built trails. Done properly by a professional, machine built trails can be the very most sustainable. But like most of us, this trail is going to be a little ugly before it becomes beautiful. Please go check it out and give us your feedback. And thank Mike (Frenchy) Charron and the rest of the trail crew when you see them.

Hubbard Hills Frenchy


Such a more interesting view from across the valley.

Hillside at Hubbard Hills



Hubbard flow


Rufus approved.

Rufus Hubbard

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