2 More Baskets In

More Holes = More Fun!!
Say hello to holes #4 and #17 at Veteran Hills! The baskets were put in yesterday and just a touch more clearing was done today to make #4 playable. We are still working on the tee areas and the trail that will connect #17 and #18, so the best way to get between them now is to hop back over to #4 and walk back in the main trail. There will also be more cleanup done on #4 soon, as well. We’ll get an updated map up that will help with navigation, too. Also, don’t worry, when all is said and done we’ll have super awesome wayfinding signage.

This brings our total playable holes to 6 now.

Hole #4 tee area & basket.

Hole 4 tee

Hole 4 basket


Hole #17 from the tee & from the basket.

Hole 17 tee

Hole 17 basket

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